Looking from the heights of Mind

"All I have ever accomplished has been done by getting Mary out of the way, and letting God be reflected." We Knew Mary Baker Eddy (Boston: The Christian Science Publishing Society, 1979), p. 118 . These words of Mrs. Eddy's, recounted by one of her students, seem to this writer to sum up the motif of her life. From early childhood she showed a love of good. This love thrust her into an abiding trust in the almightiness of God, of Love's potency. And she caught the flame of inspiration that the Bible holds high and saw God as the one cause and man as His unfragmented effect or reflection.

Mrs. Eddy's life shows us a new way to see and live; it encourages us to put Mind, God, the primal cause, first in all that we think and do. And in order to put God first, each of her devoted followers endeavors to get the false sense of self, the limited physique-sense, out of the way and to put on man's real individuality as the boundless likeness of infinite Mind.

Gaining the spiritual sense of words
April 20, 1981

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