An unruly crowd is stilled through claiming God's message of love and purity

At present I am a singer-songwriter, but above and beyond my feeling for music, I have always been strongly impelled to find the meaning of life, and to do what I could to bring healing to the world's troubles. I attended a Christian Science Sunday School as a child, but I stopped going when I went away to boarding school. I continued, however, to search for life's meaning through various avenues: mysticism, transcendentalism, psychic mind control, drugs, astrology, and various psychological therapies. However, I continually measured the insight gained from these new pursuits against my dim understanding of Christian Science.

Then at a time when I felt that my life was particularly unbearable I was struck suddenly with a great appreciation for Mrs. Eddy. I recalled that she had suffered tremendous trials and that through her perseverance she had discovered the law of God, which Christ Jesus demonstrated in his healing ministry. I began to research her life and study her book Science and Health. As I explored, I knew the Christ, Truth, was leading me.

Testimony of Healing
Hay fever dispelled by Love
November 17, 1980

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