Yeast and bulldozers

Heidi loved to help her mom do her work, especially when the work was baking bread. Today was going to be even more special; they were going to have a cooking lesson while they worked. Mother tied Heidi's apron around her waist—twice—pulled a chair up to the counter for Heidi to stand on, and the adventure began.

Step by step they followed the recipe in the cookbook. Heidi was especially interested in a very small thing that had to be added to the dough and that Mother said was quite important—the yeast. Mother explained that yeast was what made the dough rise, but that the dough had to be in a warm place to rise. She covered the dough with a cloth and placed it by the sunny kitchen window.

Testimony of Healing
Several years ago, a friend was driving me to the...
January 7, 1980

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