"Try the spirits"

I have a little friend who goes to the Christian Science Sunday School. Kim loves God and tries always to obey the Commandments and the Beatitudes. She succeeds most of the time, but one day she was tricked. It happened like this.

Kim and her good friend were in the school restroom after lunch, and her friend suggested they write something on the wall. Kim didn't want to at first, but her friend kept urging her until she said she would. Kim started to write "I like Miss White," her third-grade teacher, but her friend said no and then told her some other words to write and even how to spell them. Kim didn't know the words or what they meant, but she felt they were naughty—and they were. Kim wrote them all.

Nothing happened for several weeks. Then one morning Miss White called Kim and her friend out into the hall. She asked if they had written the bad words in the restroom. The truth finally came out, and Kim was very embarrassed. She had to write a note to her mom and dad telling what had happened, and the note had to be signed by them. When she got home and showed it, Mother was sad, but she understood what had happened.

Testimony of Healing
I was a pupil in a Christian Science Sunday...
September 17, 1979

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