Integrity is basic to God's man

For many years I have been blessed by numerous evidences that...

For many years I have been blessed by numerous evidences that the Christ, Truth, is thoroughly at work in the human consciousness, bringing redemption and healing.

One day I suffered second-degree burns on a foot and leg. Despite excruciating pain, there was never the slightest temptation to use any remedy but the application of Christian Science. The fact that matter is unreal, hence sensationless, had to be kept firmly in mind. Spirit, God, is the only force that determines and governs man's being. This healing, though not instantaneous, left no scars. It was a wonderful proof of God's care.

Another time, a diamond ring representing great sentimental and monetary value was stolen from me. My two desires were to know that the man of God's creating expresses integrity, and that when Christian Science is understandingly applied, it is seen to be triumphant. Mrs. Eddy reminds us (Science and Health, p. 71): "Evil has no reality. It is neither person, place, nor thing, but is simply a belief, an illusion of material sense." God's man is spiritually sound, incorruptible. The circumstances surrounding the recovery of the ring, including the regret expressed by the man who took it, left me feeling that only Christian Science could have brought such a satisfying solution.

September 17, 1979

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