Consistent good health

Never a day away from work because of ill health in twenty years! Probably there are many people able to claim such a good record. But, if so, we do not hear of them as frequently as we should. Instead, we tend to hear of disease and discord as though these were more natural to mankind than health and harmony.

Surely the world would benefit from knowing that there can be reasonable expectation of maintaining consistent good health. And followers of Christ Jesus' teaching do have ample reason to expect people to be healthy. He taught that God, infinite Spirit, eternal Love, is the only creator and cause; that the divine Father gives only good gifts to His children and governs all in perfect harmony.

Scientific reasoning from such a premise—that God is the supreme originator and governor of the universe and man—must logically convince us that consistent good health is the normal condition for all that God has created, and that sickness is not only abnormal but impossible in truth. As one Christian Scientist liked to say, "When I first read Science and Health and admitted the spiritual idea that runs right through it—that God is good, and He is the only cause—I realized I need never be ill again."

Safe in God
November 26, 1979

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