One day when I was sliding, I went over a jump and did...

One day when I was sliding, I went over a jump and did something to my leg. It was hurting, but I thought it was just a cramp. I couldn't bend it or straighten it out that night, but I just ignored it. When I finally got up the next morning, I told my mom I couldn't go to school. She stopped me right then and there. She brought me into my room and read the Bible Lesson in the Christian Science Quarterly to me, but it did me no good, because I was thinking about my leg and feeling sorry for myself. Then she told me about something that Jesus had told the people. It went like this.

There was once a farmer who put seeds into the ground. Some fell on stony ground, some on ground filled with thorny weeds, and some on good ground. The ones on the stony ground grew and died because of the heat. The ones in the weedy ground grew, and then the weeds grew and choked them. The ones in the good ground grew and had fruit (see Matt. 13).

Testimony of Healing
Last year I had convincing proof that Christian Science heals
May 8, 1978

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