It is with deep gratitude that I write this long overdue testimony....

It is with deep gratitude that I write this long overdue testimony. One of my early healings as a child sustained for me, in times of discouragement, the firm conviction that Christian Science does heal in any situation. In a seventh-grade gymnastics class I fell from some height with all my weight on one foot. The pain was sharp and continued to be intense, so that I had to be carried home. When I arrived home, my mother and I immediately prayed, denying the reality of pain. I was still unable to walk, but I had absolute confidence that as soon as my mother and I could read and apply the truth in the Bible Lesson in the Christian Science Quarterly I would be healed. It was late afternoon when I arrived home, and Mother was quite busy with five other children; but I was very content to wait until she could read with me, and I was expectant of good. Later, after we had finished the lesson, which was on the subject "Christ Jesus," I realized the Christ, the eternity of Truth. I was healed. I was back in school the morning following the mishap, with no evidence of the effects of the fall. When I look back on this experience, I can see it had a staying influence on my entire academic experience, as I did not miss one day of high school and each undertaking was an unlabored and happy event.

Several years ago, while wearing sandals in the yard, I was stung on the bottom of one foot by a bee. I felt a sharp pain and at first thought I had stepped on a piece of splintered glass. Looking away from the foot and the pain, I stood still and turned to the understanding of spiritual creation. Very quickly the knowledge that the universe overflows with love that reflects God's nature became a living fact to me. There could be no pain, no hate, no strife anywhere. That was all there was to the sting. All evidence of the strife had disappeared.

May 8, 1978

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