A new day!

What expectancy a new day can bring! In the light of the understanding of the joyful now of God's creating, the troubles that seemed to be part of our yesterday can be seen to have no reality. Not being good, they could not have been of God, who is ever-present good. Not being of God, the one perfect cause, they have never really been true of anyone.

This new day does not involve the passage of time; it does not depend upon the spinning of the earth. It can, and often does, dawn in the darkest hour of night. The light of this day results from the activity of the Christ in human consciousness, whereby God reveals Himself in all His glory. It heals.

The day of God's creating is complete. It includes the radiance of Soul, the warmth of Love, the wisdom of Mind, the abundance of Life. As we acknowledge this day to be the only one in which we, as in truth ideas of God, are living, the perfection of Mind and its ideas will come to characterize our daily affairs.

The divine rhythm
November 20, 1978

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