The Logic of Life

It is hardly necessary to make the point that everyone reading these words is alive. It may not be so obvious that life—flowing from divine Life, God—is immortal, never terminated, never fading, never petering out in death. In metaphysical logic that which is alive now will be forever alive, and always has been alive. That which seems to be subject to death never was truly living, never actually had being. In the logic of divine Life, all being is immortal and can never be extinguished.

This is infinitely more than an arid philosophical point or an empty speculation. It's the basis for living our life more fully and with steadier health. In Christian Science, the Science of Life, nothing can change into its opposite. Nothing that is real can become unreal, nothing that is truly present can disappear. Scientifically seen, nothing that is good can become bad. Nothing that is living can become moribund. The message of Christ Jesus is the immortality of life. His resurrection and ascension signify the illusiveness of death. "I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly," John 10:10; he said. Whatever is good is the outcome of Life, and everything manifesting divine Life is good. Understanding this to be so, we can overcome whatever implies the unliving—that is, we can overcome stagnation, decline, deterioration, poorness, mediocrity, disease. That which stems from divine Life is wholly alive and always beyond the realm of claims of death. Whatever does not stem from divine Life has no reality at all. One of the most comforting facts is that each of us, as Life's idea, is headed only for eternal Life and for endless being—in fact, we've never for a moment been parted from Life and its multivarious expressions.

Admittedly, to someone deeply unhappy with his experience endless life could seem an unappealing prospect! But in such a case what's needed is an awakening from the illusion of life in matter. To accept that Life is infinite, divine, is to be truly alive and awake. It is to sail new oceans of hope and spiritual success. It is to accept the irresistible logic of Life.

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Self-completeness, Not Self-pity
February 26, 1977

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