Several years ago I burned my...

Several years ago I burned my hand quite badly while preparing breakfast. It was a grease burn, and I wiped the grease off and went on with my work. It was painful, and I tried to turn away from the material evidence to the realization of God's allness and presence and the nothingness of pain in matter. The pain ceased, but the burn looked bad. A blister formed. In a day or two a condition appeared that seemed to me to be an infection. At this point I was beginning to be afraid because I kept thinking it would "go away" and it did not. Instead it got worse and was ugly. All this time I was endeavoring to claim my identity as a spiritual idea of God, free from material laws and conditions. At the same time I would find myself examining the hand and wondering if the infection would spread. My fear was still there.

My husband, who is not a Christian Scientist, came home one afternoon while I was ironing. He walked by me and looked at my hand. He said, "I think you are very foolish not to be doing something about that." I knew he meant, "do something medically." Although I was not tempted to use medication, I knew I had been wrong not to ask for help from a Christian Science practitioner, since my own work had not been successful. That afternoon I wrote to a Christian Science practitioner requesting treatment. In just a few days my answer came.

Testimony of Healing
When our son was just learning to walk, he opened a kitchen...
August 14, 1976

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