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Like a refugee wandering about the globe, mortal man searches for safety, hoping to escape the presumed inevitability and burden of mortality. This flight is not just a philosophical one; many people are restlessly moving from city to city, changing countries, jobs, homes, friends—running from the past and pursuing what they hope will be a better future. Nor is there much indication that they are being successful in their search for inner peace.

Permanent safety, individual harmony, and fulfillment will continually elude us as long as we insist on seeking these in matter or material existence. Mortal experience involves dissolution and lacks the components necessary for individual development and permanence. But this is not to imply that the situation is hopeless or that we are doomed to perpetual discord. Man in God's image has dominion over the earth; this spiritual fact is the basis for proving our dominion over any sense of discord or deterioration. A negative picture results from viewing life through the corporeal senses, as something both in and of matter and evidently subject to laws of mortality.

"Safe in the substance of Soul"
August 14, 1976

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