A way to detect and destroy claims of evil

Bringing the Crime Rate Down

In reality we all have the same address: the kingdom of heaven, where man, forever at one with divine Love, dwells in perfect safety. Our beloved Master, Christ Jesus, tells us, "The kingdom of God is within you" Luke 17:21; —that spiritual kingdom where there is love, harmony, justice, and abundance. In order for us to experience this kingdom now, it must be acknowledged to be within us now. Mrs. Eddy writes of this kingdom within: "Think of this inheritance! Heaven right here, where angels are as men, clothed more lightly, and men as angels who, burdened for an hour, spring into liberty, and the good they would do, that they do, and the evil they would not do, that they do not." Miscellaneous Writings, p. 251;

The activity of checking crime must take place in our own thought. We cannot expect others to express Mind's perfect qualities if we are not first striving to bring our own lives and thoughts into perfect accord with Principle. When we have demonstrated in our thought and actions sufficient truthfulness, purity, trustworthiness, and freedom from fear, we are enabled to bring the expression of these godly qualities into wider human experience and see them expressed there.

Be a True Witness
August 14, 1976

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