How a theme in the "court case" allegory healed

True Witness

Late in the afternoon I began to feel ill. I had been on jury duty all day and had listened to testimony from a number of witnesses. The more testimony I heard, the worse I felt. As I drove home that evening I prayed, and the word "law" kept coming to my thought. When I got home I checked references to the word in the Concordance to Science and Health and was led to read Mrs. Eddy's allegory of a court case. See Science and Health, pp. 430-442;

In this allegory a man is charged by Personal Sense with having committed liver complaint, and a number of witnesses give testimony against him—among them Health-laws, Coated Tongue, Sallow Skin, Nerve, and Mortality. He is found guilty, and is sentenced by Judge Medicine. As I read this, I could see that these same witnesses were trying to give evidence against me. Health-laws was arguing that I had broken one of its laws and would have to pay the penalty. Nerve claimed to rule my body and to convey messages of ill health to me. Personal Sense argued that I would have to go to bed and would not be able to go back to jury duty the next day.

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June 26, 1976

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