A Look at the Fifth Commandment

People whose parents are models of integrity, industry, and intelligence have cause for gratitude. Whatever age they may be, it should be easy for them to keep the commandment, "Honour thy father and thy mother." Ex. 20:12; They should be able to obey their parents willingly, trust them, and look upon them as examples they can confidently follow.

But when parents have shortcomings—and many of them have a few—it's not always easy for families to abide happily by the Mosaic code of filial obedience and honor. The "Why should I? Just look at you and Dad!" comes quickly today when children are encouraged to be independent and to think for themselves. Young people also cite as justification for rebellion unsettled relationships between parents and grandparents. They may reason that they should see an example of the fifth commandment being honored just as strictly at this senior level of parent-child relationship as is expected at their own.

Testimony of Healing
A year after she married my father, Mother returned to Ohio...
June 26, 1976

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