Energy: The Spiritual Solution

[The Christian Science Monitor of June 25 carries a special section on the topic of energy.]

Energy and its right use are today key factors to resolving many of mankind's major problems. Innumerable energy sources have been and continue to be explored—from muscle power to solar wind. Some questions are short-range, such as the best ways to develop and control fossil and nuclear fuels; others are long-range, such as possible extensive tapping of solar energy. Answers to both must be found. Without energy human civilization is inconceivable.

Some solutions to the energy challenge may be largely technological. But in all of them ethical and moral considerations are involved: how to distribute energy fairly, how to control and direct it wisely. And beyond the ethical and moral considerations there are spiritual ones: the nature of ultimate reality, of creative Spirit and man's final destiny. By starting from the spiritual we will most quickly reach and surely protect right solutions at other levels.

A Look at the Fifth Commandment
June 26, 1976

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