Age no barrier to Love's abundance

Unlimited Supply

Down through the ages mankind has instinctively sought better and more comfortable ways of living. Compare ancient ways of living with those of many people of the present age. The hardships ancient people endured to get their food supplies, their shelter, and other essentials present a very different picture from the ease with which many people in developed nations now get their supplies. Travel has become faster and in many respects more comfortable than in previous periods. Intellectual advancement is seen in many spheres of our present-day activity. Ways of happier and more comfortable living for many have been evolved.

What does this point to? The answer surely must be: human progress, which must in turn indicate the existence of spiritual progress. No power exists to stop the harmonious functioning of God's law of progress, and being God's law, it points toward infinity. Hence no limit can be assigned to the possibility of progressively demonstrating for all the supply of good necessary to our existence.

Let it be made clear that it is not matter that has progressed, because matter cannot progress. Real substance is Spirit, divine Mind, and this fact is what accounts for the unlimited availability of all good—of health, wisdom, joy, harmony, and so on. Remember, we don't have to be content with only reading about the unlimited supply available from the inexhaustible spiritual source. We do have to strive for it, however, not through human will or through dependence on matter, but through the practical application of Christian Science as taught by Mrs. Eddy in the textbook, Science and Health, and her other writings. Here we find that man is complete, lacking nothing. He represents infinity. Mrs. Eddy writes: "Man is idea, the image, of Love; he is not physique. He is the compound idea of God, including all right ideas." Science and Health, p. 475;

Forestalling Destructive Weather
February 7, 1976

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