Forestalling Destructive Weather

God is All-in-all, the only intelligence of the universe. Consequently there is no opposite intelligence named evil. Evil, in any form, is only a false belief. Mrs. Eddy says: "Christian Science reveals God and His idea as the All and Only. It declares that evil is the absence of good; whereas, good is God ever-present, and therefore evil is unreal and good is all that is real." Retrospection and Introspection, p. 60;

As one frees himself from the belief that he is a descendant of Adam and identifies himself as spiritual, he has a basis from which to claim protection from destructive weather. God is Life, and Life includes no violence. Man, Life's spiritual image, cannot be touched by materiality, because he is apart from the supposititious realm of physicality. He dwells wholly in God's spiritual realm, where harmonious action reigns unchallenged.

The Bible states that when wind, earthquake, and fire passed by the prophet Elijah, "the Lord was not in" them. But after these destructive elements, came "a still small voice" I Kings 19:11, 12; that spoke to Elijah. What was true of God in Bible days is true of Him today. Regardless of false beliefs or conclusions about God, He still maintains us—as his spiritual ideas—intact. He is not in the destructive storms of today.

Of Termites and Treasure
February 7, 1976

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