Soul, Not Body, Governs

Who said? That is the question we can ask when we think we feel ill. And we have divine authority for asking it. Did the body send the message, or did Soul? If information comes from the body, it is a lie because the body cannot convey information to the Mind of man. And brain is not Mind; it is but part of the body.

God is Soul, and this Soul is the only Mind. The opposite of Soul is material sensation. Fever, pain, weakness, nausea, and so on, are material sensations, which we record with such words as "I feel ..." But the matter body does not feel; feeling is mental. Without mentality there is no sense of feeling. But the mentality that feels through matter is not divine Mind; it is a suppositional opposite called mortal mind. This so-called mind is identical with material sensation. The belief that matter has sensation and the belief that there is a mind that feels through matter are the same.

Authority—The Scientific Perspective
April 19, 1975

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