Rise Above the Turbulence!

Occasionally when traveling by air, we may have heard the voice of a stewardess over the microphone: "Ladies and gentlemen, we are experiencing a little air turbulence. Would you please return to your seats and fasten your seat belts." Then the pilot, skilled in his knowledge of aviation and weather conditions, has flown the plane higher, out of the area of turbulence into a more peaceful atmosphere.

When we encounter turbulence in our daily experience—be it physical, social, or economic—do we think we have to fasten our mental seat belts and just sit it out? Isn't it wiser and more effective to rise mentally to claim that higher atmosphere of thought which is the realization of our unity with God, whose omnipresence and omnipotence preclude the very appearance of inharmony?

A Lesson of Faith
July 13, 1974

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