A Family in India

Mother was seated in a comfortable chair, sewing a brightly colored sari. The apartment was rather quiet today. She could hear just a little of the Bombay traffic through the open window. It was a hot day, as usual. Every breath of fresh air was welcome.

Father was at his office, and the children were out with their friends. Naval was probably playing cricket. Those lessons his father very generously had let him take from a famous cricketer had done the boy good. For a ten-year-old, he played well. And Ashwina, already a young lady of twelve, was over at her friend's house. They were supposed to be sewing. But probably their charming mouths were going faster than their needles. Talk about makeup and hair styles and movie actors, undoubtedly. Who would be their favorite now? Rajesh Khanna, probably. He was as handsome and dashing as the American actor Rock Hudson. Mother smiled. Next year the talk would probably be about some other favorite.

God Is Close
May 18, 1974

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