Unfoldment in God's Time and Way

Springtime presents a wonderful lesson in unfoldment. Gradually, as the warm rains and sunshine touch the bare boughs, little knobs open, tiny green shoots appear, and these become full leaves and flowers. Some trees take longer than others for the transformation. While some are coming into full leaf, others show no signs of life.

Our lives can present constant unfoldment if we reckon time less by years than by periods of moral and spiritual growth. Just as the buds slowly but surely develop until they become leaves or flowers, revealed in all their beauty and fragrance, the life governed by God unfolds in all the grandeur of its true, spiritual being. But the growth must be in His time and way. If we pry open a bud, we find no hidden beauty; we only damage the bud.

Connect the Positive to the Positive
March 30, 1974

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