I'm up to More than Warts!

A young student of Christian Science had a wart on the upper part of her foot. It had not bothered her, although she was aware of its presence. Then well-meaning friends not acquainted with Christian Science began to remark that the wart appeared to be getting bigger, that it could give her trouble if she didn't have it removed, and so on. She realized the time had come for active prayer in Christian Science. She had not become disturbed by what her friends had suggested. But she preferred not to have anything there to demand their attention.

Quietly she set about maintaining in thought her perfection as God's child. She worked to know she could express only the good caused by God. Her metaphysical work was simple, sincere, and successful. After a short time the wart faded from thought and so, of course, from the foot. She was free. In relating the healing to her friend, who had seen that the wart was gone, she commented, "Oh, well, I can't heal big things—I'm only up to warts!" But a really beautiful healing had been accomplished.

God Still Speaks to Us
November 3, 1973

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