Meeting the Challenge of Office Politics

[The speaker is Jack Krieger, a former businessman, who is a Christian Science practitioner. The questioner is Harlan Witham, a personnel executive.]

Questioner: Clerical workers and executives alike in today's fast changing, computerized business world face many a challenge, but perhaps one of the most disturbing is what's called office politics. Over the years in personnel administration and in consulting work, I have seen a number of situations where office politics was a problem. I think that we are all familiar with the type of politics that, for instance, takes the form of false accusations. There are a number of different approaches to the problem. One is communication so that all the facts come out into the open.

Speaker: This, however, involves mere adjustments in the human relationship situation. Here's where the wonderful insights of the Bible can help us. Take the false accusations you mentioned. Startling as it may sound, we read about them in both the Old Testament and the New. The ninth commandment, for example, tells us not to bear false witness. And Christ Jesus' teachings tell us to bear true witness.

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February 15, 1969

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