Explorers of Mind

[For young adults]

The carnal mind is proposing a bizarre shortcut to joy and spiritual enlightenment these days, suggesting that with hallucinogenic drugs a person can bypass all demands upon himself to prove his relationship to the living God, Mind. Marihuana, a throwback to primitive ignorance, looms as a social phenomenon today. The more intense drug, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), has led the gaudy parade of a press-styled "love generation."

Since belief in matter underlies all limitation, swallowing matter in search of freedom is a perversion. Mindless matter can never confer instant spiritual enlightenment, new revelations of selfhood, or individual freedom and universal love. Only the recognition of the all-inclusiveness of Mind, Spirit, can free an individual and give him full dominion.

Vulgarity Can Be Healed
February 15, 1969

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