Getting High the Right Way

Currently some people speak of "pot parties" where they "get high, smoking grass." To many this is a relatively harmless pastime because, they say, marijuana is not a habit-forming drug, not nearly as harmful as nicotine or alcohol, both of which are sanctioned by society.

The relative effects of these drugs is still a controversial subject, but Christian Science cuts through to the heart of the problem and labels all drug usage harmful. Many drugs have proved to be the sure way to dispositional instability, decreasing abilities, and disease.

Some drugs excite the human mind, giving a spurious sense of elation. Others impart a temporary feeling of peace and well-being. But in both instances the effect is a treacherous illusion that leads to deeper trouble and often eventual tragedy. The fact is that man is a spiritual identity, naturally joyous, buoyant, and peaceful, needing no false stimulants or tranquilizers. Drugs merely hide the natural harmony of man, entangling the human mind more deeply in the toils of material sense.

The Unity of Good; the Unity of Evil
December 27, 1969

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