The Remedy for Pollution

One of the great problems facing the populated areas of the earth today is that of pollution of air and water. The impurities discharged from industrial and other sources have rendered the air almost unfit to breathe, and marine life is dying because of the poisonous condition of many waters. While it is gratifying that these problems have been recognized and that biologists, chemists, and government agencies are seeking a solution, much work remains to be done to prevent pollution.

Related to this problem is another phase of pollution even more dangerous and as yet not completely recognized or faced, namely, the pollution of the mental atmosphere of thought in our world. Evidence of this is seen in crime, rioting, resistance to law, injustice, hatred, sensuality, and disease. These evils abroad in the world are the direct result of poisonous, evil, undisciplined thought.

You Don't Have to Be Afraid
January 18, 1969

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