The desire to know and understand God was my purpose in beginning...

The desire to know and understand God was my purpose in beginning the study of Christian Science. I hoped that through this study answers to my questions could be found. My formal education had emphasized the concept of minds many or mind over mind. The acceptance of the one Mind—God as All-in-all—was my first healing experience. Days spent in contemplation of the meaning of the little word all provided the groundwork for the next healing, that of coral poisoning, I had the steadfast help of a Christian Science practitioner in this instance. The infection caused by my being cut on live coral was completely healed. There were many concepts of false theology to be overcome in my thinking.

Prior to becoming a student of Christian Science, during pregnancy before our second child was born, a medical verdict was given, urging that I have immediate back surgery. When we asked about the child's safety in such an operation, the reply was that nothing could be done to save the child. Several specialists were consulted, but all gave the same prediction. Back surgery was declined, and we had our child. Years of pain and discomfort, sometimes to the point of being unable to stand erect were experienced.

Later, after I had become a member of The Mother Church and a branch church, my back was healed while a practitioner was doing prayerful work for me on another problem. Before writing to the practitioner, who lived thousands of miles away, I felt it was imperative to realize that there is no distance between Mind, God, and His idea. The healing Christ is in operation here and now.

The Bible Speaks to You
RADIO PROGRAM NO. 354 - Holding On versus Dropping Out
January 18, 1969

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