Where We Are: Our Present Demonstration

If we do not like our environment, capabilities, employment, relationships, or state of health, we should remember that our situation is always our present demonstration of existence. This may seem a heartless statement in face of the seemingly hopeless circumstances of birth, race, government, health, and education that some people suffer. But when we see one or several individuals rise above a restricted sense of life and environment into a higher scale of being, we realize that each of us is responsible for what he experiences. Our lives mirror our thoughts. Experiences change when thought changes.

Christian Science shows us how to change our thought. It stresses the possibilities of progress and enhances them by revealing truths of God and man that act as laws of destruction to those unpleasant aspects of an individual's life which have claimed to hold him down. In real being, or heaven, man exists as the likeness of his Maker, divine Spirit; he is Spirit's witness. God's man reflects all that his Maker is—intelligence, Love, Life, wisdom, and every right quality inherent in Spirit.

A Religion for the Thinker
August 17, 1968

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