The True View of Cause and Effect

People have probably always wondered about the causes of things. In primitive times through superstition mankind often attributed causation to evil spirits, but nowadays as facilities leading to clearer reasoning have developed, they tend to be more scientific or practical.

Mrs. Eddy writes, "Reason is the most active human faculty." Science and Health, p. 327; But reasoning must start with a right premise. Reason based on the premises of material law and substance and the reality of evil is not true reasoning and cannot advance mankind out of the limitations inherent in material views of the universe. It cannot do so because it cannot rise above these limitations. Christian Science teaches that correct reasoning starts with God as the creator and governor of the universe. This process shows us the true or spiritual view of all substance, life, intelligence, law, and causation, which in turn must show forth the nature and character of God, Spirit, Mind, good. Mrs. Eddy states, "Reality is spiritual, harmonious, immutable, immortal, divine, eternal." p. 335; Nothing claiming to have any opposite qualities can be real.

How to Assimilate the Truth
June 22, 1968

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