Exposing the Myth of Pressure

Many people today accept pressure as a part of modern existence, something to be lived with as best one can. It is a common belief that because tempo and pace in business and industry have greatly increased in the past fifty years, much more pressure exists today and many more individuals are having to reckon with it. The acceptance of this error has reduced the effectiveness and productivity of salesmen and executives. Some have changed to other fields of activity to escape it. Nor is the belief of pressure confined to the realm of business. Students, athletes, housewives, and even those living in retirement have found it in their daily living.

In gaining our dominion over pressure it is necessary that we see the falsity of its source and its claim and discern instead the ever-present facts of being. These facts seem to replace the lie, but actually they have always been the truth of the situation. Christian Science has come to reveal our real selfhood, God's perfect reflection. The human being who discovers and demonstrates this true identity can overcome the belief of pressure.

Overcoming Lawlessness
June 22, 1968

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