Christian Science heals

Christian Science heals. This truth has been proven many times in my experience. One of my first healings through this wonderful religion was the healing of the smoking habit. I had smoked for fifteen years and felt it had become part of my life. After being introduced to Christian Science by dear relatives, who let their light shine in daily living, I began diligently studying the Lesson-Sermon.

After two or three years and several proofs of the healing power of Christian Science, I had the sincere desire to join The Mother Church and a branch church; but because of the smoking habit I was not eligible. Although Christian Science practitioners had worked for me oft and on over a period of about two years to help me overcome this bondage, I was unable to stop smoking and claim my liberty. Then one devoted practitioner helped me, and I stopped smoking for several weeks.

After application was made for church membership, the temptation to smoke again came to me very strongly. I did not realize the aggressive mental suggestion was attempting to impede my spiritual progress. I did succumb on several occasions. Overwhelmed with shame and hypocrisy, I realized that instead of depending on others to demonstrate freedom for me I must take my stand, claim spiritual dominion, and see this demonstration appear as a result of my own reliance on God.

The Bible Speaks to You
RADIO PROGRAM NO. 324 - Do you Feel Appreciated?
June 22, 1968

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