Spirituality Breaks Material Fetters

Since the discovery of Christian Science in 1866, material limitations have disappeared at an ever-accelerated rate. Air transportation has developed, and through the invention of the telephone, radio, and television virtually instant communication over long distances has appeared. Added to this, mankind are now on the verge of interplanetary travel. We are about to break the bonds of ignorance that have chained us to this planet.

Christian Science is at work deep down in human consciousness, leavening the thought of mankind and bringing forth a freer sense of life. But regardless of the promising signs of progress in certain specific fields, much yet needs to be done in other segments of human experience. The ravages of war, disease, poverty, racial injustice, still take their toll. Humanity's technical progress has far outstripped its spiritual growth, and the continuing mission of Christian Science is to awaken the race more fully to the spiritually mental nature of reality and the immensely practical value of understanding God and the divine origin and nature of man.

Testimony of Healing
"I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the...
April 27, 1968

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