Girls and Goals

[For young adults]

Girls, do you sometimes wonder why you're here? Is it just to look pretty, have fun, buy lots of new clothes, go on great dates, get a beautiful diamond, a handsome husband, a lovely home, and a raft of babies? You know, of course, that all these things are fine, if they're not ends in themselves. But if any or all of them spell MY GOAL, then watch out! Because, above everything else, a Christian Scientist's major goal is to find a spiritual home, the kingdom of heaven already established within.

Still, your human objectives may be very valuable guideposts, or symbols, of the quality and progress of your thinking. You've learned in school that the family is civilization's basic unit; that different cultures place different emphases on the roles played by mothers and fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, in-laws, children. In some form or other, strong family units build a strong society, city, nation, world. And Christian Science has taught you that tenderness and love and joy, embraced in courageous, protective strength and wisdom, are the soundest foundations on which you can build a happy home. Families thus grounded are a force for good wherever they go.

Retirement from What?
January 13, 1968

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