Some years ago my wife and I were upset about the type of film...

Some years ago my wife and I were upset about the type of film the movie industry was producing and decided to take a sabbatical year of travel around the world. We started with the prayer that our professional background and our love for and knowledge of Christian Science might be put to use during our travels. We shall never cease to be grateful for the wonderful experiences we encountered in many countries. One, which took place in Hong Kong, was outstanding because it taught us that a right motive protects, blesses, and brings to fruition the activity it inspires.

At the time of our arrival in Hong Kong there were almost a million refugees crowding into the colony from China. They were known as squatters, and the hillsides and inner waterways were covered with thousands of their ramshackle, makeshift huts and boats. We were surprised to discover that no one up to then had produced any sort of helpful documentary film about this extraordinarily dramatic invasion. Neither of us in our work had ever had occasion to use a film camera, so we made arrangements for a local cameraman to shoot the script we had prepared on the subject.

Testimony of Healing
I am grateful to have had many proofs of God's goodness and...
June 10, 1967

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