In the Presence of Mind

Because we are always in the presence of God, we are always in the presence of Mind. Accepting this spiritual fact and endeavoring to express only good in our daily affairs, we find ourselves acting with wisdom, especially in cases of emergency when fear and confusion seem to hold sway. On such occasions the consciousness of Mind's presence gives alertness and ability to act promptly and efficiently. It calms and controls the tendency to panic and wipes out fear of fatal results with the assurance of ever-present, all-powerful, indestructible Life and Love.

Christian Science is a practical religion to be used in every detail of our lives. The understanding and utilization of this Science of Mind equip the businessman with intuition and keen perception of character, enabling him to meet with calm confidence the vicissitudes that may seem to impede progress and delay the success of his work. The busy housewife and mother finds her chores accomplished with greater ease and joy when looking to Mind for guidance. A realization of Mind's government is as essential to the successful running of a home as to the launching of a rocket!

"I just want to be myself"
April 16, 1966

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