The Dawn of Perfection

According to modern research, it has taken about two billion, five hundred million years for so-called material life to reach its present stage. The frailty of the material creation, its finiteness, its quick dissolution—all point to the dream nature of its source, the carnal mind, as this nature is explained in Christian Science.

Natural scientists have sometimes recognized the unreasonableness of the theory that God is the creator of flesh. Take the German philosopher and scientist Helmholtz, for instance. His investigation of physiological optics contributed greatly to human knowledge of the eye. But he said, "If an optician sent me that as an instrument, I should send it back to him with grave reproaches for the carelessness of his work, and demand the return of my money." William Kingdon Clifford, Lectures and Essays. London, 1879, pp. 144, 145;

"A change of base"
December 24, 1966

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