"A change of base"

One of the most profound aspects of Christian Science is its demand for a complete change of base for our thinking and living. It challenges the belief that matter is substance, that man is material, and that he is subject to the limitations of a material body. This Science explains Spirit as the only creative power, divine Mind as the substance of the universe and man, and spiritual laws as constituting true government and harmony. It further shows how Jesus was able to demonstrate complete control over material conditions and heal the ills of the human body because of his understanding of the true Science of being.

One of the pitfalls of most religious thinking is the tendency to try to explain Jesus' experience from a material standpoint. This cannot be done. How does one explain the virgin birth from the basis of physiology? How does one explain Jesus' ability to walk on the water from the basis of physical science? Or the ability of Jesus to heal the sick and raise the dead from the basis of medical theory? Because of this conflict men have either denied these works or classified them as miracles, and mankind in general have not been able to repeat such demonstrations of healing. With the discovery of Christian Science, Mrs. Eddy has shown that these marvelous works are no longer beyond the reach of human understanding; and we are seeing a restoration of the ability to heal through spiritual means on the same basis as the Master did.

Testimony of Healing
During a stay in an Asian country I was suddenly struck with...
December 24, 1966

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