Dealing with Evil as Temptation

No one in the history of the world ever had more success in dealing with temptation than did Christ Jesus. According to his teaching, all evil could be regarded as temptation. Did he not say as much in the prayer he gave to his disciples, "Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil"?Matt. 6:13; As he faced and overcame every evil that confronted him, so can we through our understanding of the teachings of Christian Science. But our success depends greatly on our faithfulness in recognizing and dealing with evil as temptation rather than as something real, as person, power, or condition.

Whether evil takes the form of sickness, lack, discordant human relations, or world upheaval, we can understand it as nothing but a temptation for us to believe a lie. Since God is Spirit and the only creator, His creation must be spiritual and perfect. If pain, fear, or hatred tempts us to believe in a power besides God, in something other than divine Love, we can overcome the temptation with Truth. No form of evil—no temptation—can deceive or ensnare us when we learn to meet and master it with the understanding of the perfection of God and of man in His image and likeness.

December 24, 1966

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