Understanding Our Spiritual Identity

In order to realize true identity, one must have a single, spiritual point of view. Jesus' words, "If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light," Matt. 6:22; bring this into focus. For every healing that has been accomplished through Christian Science someone has realized that there is only one divine Parent, the Father-Mother Love, and only one divine creation. This realization shows the light of the Christ dawning on human consciousness at the appearing of which the suggestion of dualism fades out.

Dualism is the doctrine that there are two antagonistic elements in the universe, good and evil, and that man consequently has two natures, a physical one and a spiritual one. This doctrine suggests two realities, two identities. One of these is purported to be a material creation, always needing something to be done to it to make it harmonious; the other a spiritual creation, usually considered as somewhere off in the distance, to appear at a later date.

Companioning with Reality
October 8, 1966

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