Man is made "in the image of...

Man is made "in the image of God (Gen. 1:27). However, somewhere in my thinking I had not included teen-agers in this definition of man. My children's constant bickering, domineering attitudes, and continual rudeness toward each other were bothering me greatly, and I suddenly realized that I had placed them completely outside the realm of Spirit and apart from Love. I realized it was time I did something about the situation. I knew I had to turn away from the material picture just as I would if it were a problem of sickness coming to my mind, trying to be accepted and recognized as true.

Quietly reflecting on each child and what I had accepted as real about each one, I abruptly realized with startling sureness that I had agreed with mortal mind entirely and thoroughly. This selfishness and pettiness, this appearing to have minds of their own and to express stubborn resistance to parental authority, just wasn't the true picture at all.

Testimony of Healing
When the film "The Mother Church in Action"...
January 16, 1965

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