More than thirteen years ago I...

More than thirteen years ago I was suffering from acute bronchopneumonia, believed to be an aftermath of malaria, which I contracted during the Second World War. I went from one doctor to another and tried all the so-called wonder drugs known at the time, but to no avail. At first I did not make serious efforts to regain my health because I never liked medicine; but as the days went on and I was heading for a worse state of health, I began to fear. I thought I was due to pay the wages of neglect of myself.

About this time, I was getting acquainted with Christian Science, although without any thought of seeking physical assistance. As I observed, however, that healing was an important element of it, I approached a devoted member of the branch church I was attending to ask if she could help me. She said she would be very glad to do so; and the next time I was at her residence, she asked me to read with her the Bible Lesson, which I recall was on God and which is outlined in the Quarterly. At intervals while I coughed, she explained patiently the meaning of every line in the text. The following morning I ceased coughing, and my former desire to try a much-advertised medicine left me. Some more days passed, and I had never felt better.

Testimony of Healing
Though I attended a Christian Science Sunday School...
December 14, 1963

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