[The below is substantially the text of the program released for broadcast the week of September 27—October 3 in the radio series, "The Bible Speaks to You" heard internationally over more than 800 stations. This is one of the weekly programs prepared and produced by the Christian Science Committee on Publications 107 Falmouth Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02115.]

RADIO PROGRAM No. 78 - Do You Control Your Temper or Does It Control You?

HOST: More and more we're all becoming aware that temper or anger needs to be brought under control.

INTERVIEWER: In his essay on "Anger" in the book "The Seven Deadly Sins." W. H. Auden says that anger is either futile or unnecessary. Futile, because it doesn't change the situation or unnecessary, because we could solve the problem better without it. And he also states, "Righteous anger can effectively resist and destroy evil, but the more one relies upon it as a source of energy, the less energy and attention one can give to the good which is to replace the evil once it has been removed." [Copyright Sunday Times Publications, Ltd., 1962. This edition copyright Sunday Times Publications and William Morrow and Company.]

Giving a Christian Science Lecture
October 5, 1963

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