Christian Science came to my...

Christian Science came to my aid when I had been suffering for a long time from a critical illness which specialists had been unable to diagnose, although they had recommended that I submit to surgery if I did not want to remain in ill health the rest of my life. Help was then requested from a Christian Science practitioner. Her first words, "God is Love, and you are His perfect, beloved child," were and still are the most beautiful words I know. Like a benediction, they brought comfort and a sense of peace hitherto unknown, instantly changed and spiritualized my concept of God, ushered me into Christian Science, and gave me my first glimpse of the relationship which eternally exists between God, our tender Father-Mother, and man, His beloved child, or idea. Within three days my strength and vigor returned; I regained weight; and normal activities were resumed.

I continued to study Christian Science, but later on, at a time of great sadness in the family, self-pity and rebellious thinking brought about a return of the former symptoms. The practitioner's compassionate understanding of my human need and her firm stand for the truths of Christian Science are factors in my healing for which I am increasingly grateful.

Testimony of Healing
When I first began the study...
June 30, 1962

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