Ageless Health

All conditions of the body are conditions of thought. When thought proceeds from divine Mind, the conditions manifested are Godlike. When thought comes from mortal mind, the conditions are mortal. The word "mortal" implies being subject to death, and the passage of time in mortal thought shows effects on the body known as growing older. In the degree that human consciousness is freed from mortal thought and includes only thoughts emanating from Mind, the effects on the body illustrate ageless being.

In reality health is a quality of God. It is an absolute quality. It cannot be affected by anything, because it exists without relationship to anything but its absolute source, Mind. Time cannot affect it. The false concept of health, which is affected by time and by food, atmosphere, hereditary and environmental factors, is part of the false mentality, mortal mind, and must be surrendered if we are to demonstrate true health, which is ageless. We surrender this mentality as we learn the truth of the one immortal Mind and consciously reflect its qualities.

May 26, 1962

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