Perpetual Unfoldment

The Easter season inspires our earnest consideration of the perpetual unfoldment of life. By returning from the tomb, Christ Jesus taught that spiritual consciousness, or true identity, can never die.

According to Christian Science, death is a moment of fear, and the belief of life in the flesh, which is a false state of mind, continues after death until it is dispelled by Christ, the idea of immortal sonship with God. Mary Baker Eddy says (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 28): "That death does not destroy the beliefs of the flesh, our Master proved to his doubting disciple, Thomas. Also, he demonstrated that divine Science alone can overbear materiality and mortality; and this great truth was shown by his ascension after death, whereby he arose above the illusion of matter."

"The basis of immortality"
April 21, 1962

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