Christian Science came into...

Christian Science came into our home as a result of my reaching out for the true way of Life. While our girls were still babies, they had mumps. This seemed so cruel and so unnecessary that I began right away to ask many questions of the doctor and of our friends about why this should be. I had been very carefully following all the recommended sanitary methods for the children's protection. As to the failure of these methods, my questions brought no satisfactory answers.

I carried on with the medical treatment, but with a deep sense of doubt and unrest stirring within me. The eldest child was not making the recovery that she should have, and the doctor told me that she might be ill for severa! more weeks. This was too much for me to accept. I wanted to talk to my mother and to hear her words of comfort; but she lived in another town, and I did not wish to alarm her with a telephone call.

Testimony of Healing
I am grateful for the testimonies...
March 3, 1962

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