I am long overdue in expressing...

I am long overdue in expressing my gratitude for all that the knowledge of Christian Science has done for me. My first impression of Christian Science was that it was ridiculous. I could not understand how intelligent people could hold to such beliefs.

Then I had two operations for an organic difficulty which brought no relief, and I became very fearful of my life. At that time a dear neighbor, knowing of my difficulty, came and spoke to me of Christian Science. She said it certainly would do me no harm, and I might find myself healed. I told her I just could not believe in Christian Science; but since I was desperate and nothing else had helped me, I said I would be willing to accept Christian Science treatment to please her.

She secured a practitioner who came to my home and spoke to me of God's love and explained to me that I was one with God, just as a sun's ray is one with the sun. She took up prayerful work and requested that I read Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy. I immediately began to do so; but I did not understand much of what I read.

Testimony of Healing
Through my understanding of...
August 8, 1959

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