God, Spirit, is unique, matchless. Isaiah asked (40:18), "To whom then will ye liken God? or what likeness will ye compare unto him?" No parallel can be drawn between things that are entirely dissimilar, yet many people attempt to measure the power of God according to physical evidence. This course of action is bound to lead to misunderstanding, for sooner or later the question must be asked, "Is God responsible for calamity and disaster?"

Christian Science teaches that God, Spirit, is the only creator and that the universe, including man, is a spiritual creation, wholly good and eternal. Divine Mind could not know and is not accountable for that which is called matter or mortality. It is logical to conclude from this reasoning that matter or mortality, having no creator, cannot be real and must be only illusion. It is obvious, therefore, that no parallel can be drawn between illusion and reality any more than last night's dream can provide a basis for today's decision or activity.

September 3, 1955

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