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I am deeply grateful to know...

I am deeply grateful to know that sickness is but a human belief and that if our entire trust is firmly placed in Truth and Love, this belief dissolves into nothingness. My mother was suffering from symptoms of a serious complaint. I worked for her in Christian Science and asked a practitioner to support me in my efforts. This he lovingly did. I am particularly grateful that I was immediately aware of the spiritual support I was receiving, and I was able to work prayerfully for my mother without anxiety or fear.

Often I had read and heard it said that man is God's idea. Now I was able to understand that God's idea does not consist of flesh and blood, but is wholly spiritual. Hence it cannot undergo a change, nor can the energies with which this idea is imbued diminish. Man as God's idea is changeless. When I accompanied my mother for an X-ray examination, which she was required to have, I was filled with peace and with unswerving faith in God, for I knew that in reality there was nothing to be found but the uninterrupted activity of ever-present harmony. No shadow can be found in love and joy, in goodness and harmony. On the other hand, they illumine consciousness whenever they are recognized. With these thoughts I waited for the results of the examination. They showed that my mother was entirely well. The symptoms from which she had been suffering had disappeared before the illumination of spiritual understanding.

Testimony of Healing
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June 4, 1955

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